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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017

WTF? Manny Pacquiao’s, Advisor Michael Koncz Says Pac Man Is Bigger Than Muhammad Ali


dude is nuts

5 Responses to “WTF? Manny Pacquiao’s, Advisor Michael Koncz Says Pac Man Is Bigger Than Muhammad Ali”

  1. daajefe Says:

    Konks and Arum are full of s**t. Mannys fights for the last 2 years have been againt hand picked opponents that are to either to old, slow, flat footed and easy targets. I’m so sick of this Manny hype.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    how the f**k is this cowardly chink gook bigger than ALI when ALI was a catalyst for social change for an entire generation…?????….this pinay faggot been KO’D from jabs by no name bum fighters and is scared to take a random blood test…..AHAHAHAHAHHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA…….

  3. filipinoniggah Says:

    for one i dont know you calling gook racism is DUMB as hell im half black and half filipino and i speak for both races it’s sad to see this, but ALI was great and manny will be great too one day but manny has to fight awhile longer to be one of the greatest fighters ever, one of the greats for sure if he keeps winning!! Manny has hype cause he is winning daajefe be quiet!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    @filipinoniggah….f**k your worthless life chink gook…..fannypac is a ped fraud and could never be mentioned in the same breath with the G.O.A.T ALI….cause ALI was a symbol for global social justice….fannypacman is a symbol for pale media fabrication conditionin and manipulation of the desperate and gullible….f**k your worthless life chink gook faggot……AHAHAHAHAHA…..

  5. Mannyisbeterthanali Says:

    mayweather is the one fighting weaker opponents, Cotto isnt weak or slow, cotto is a one of the best welterweight fighters, margarito isnt weak but hes a cheat, Manny fought a few older guys but most of thema re in their prime, marquez isnt that old. IN fact the fighters, u racist mothafuckers are saying are out of thier primes ,arent really out of their primes, manny just ended thier carrrers. You guys are just too jealos that a little asian can be sooo much beter than big americans. this isnt about race its about boxing.

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