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Goodz Feat. Strap – Im Good (Music Video)

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7 Responses to “Goodz Feat. Strap – Im Good (Music Video)”

  1. YUNNY Says:

    Stupid a*s video corn pops and liquor yeah right. This guy is so hard he has to eat his pops with liquor.

  2. wezzie jr Says:

    f**k you fake a*s niggas

  3. EazyPleazMe Says:

    That intro was corny. You can tell the s**t was nasty by the way he was eating it. Everybody’s so hard, so cool.

  4. wezzie jr Says:

    yea you b***h a*s niggas who eats corn pops and liquor like me i eat your girls p***y for breakfast, lunch,and dinner maybe snack and your momma you don’t want to know.

  5. SG Says:

    HAHAHA B***h A*s N***a……..N***a u cant even get a decent b***h in your video nevermind your bed. Fake a*s b***h, and yo music sucks

  6. jR_ku$h Says:

    wtf???is this this s**t wacc af!!

  7. VPHAT Says:

    I’ll be so glad when record labels and artist realize that fans HATE these stupid generic azz autotune laced hooks……COMPLETELY fucked up this song…..

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