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Gladiator School Beatdown Of Hanni Elabed Caught On Tape

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In an Idaho prison, surveillance cameras catch one inmate beating another, with guards standing by. Now, the assault of Hanni Elabed is raising questions about how a prison’s private management is protecting inmates under its roof. (Nov. 30)

5 Responses to “Gladiator School Beatdown Of Hanni Elabed Caught On Tape”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    F**K YOUR STAFF ! ! !

  2. tone Says:

    thats y snitches get stiches

  3. Young S-K Says:

    COME ON NOW!!!!!!!! You locked up do yo time and go home man.All that tellen is what got yo a*s droped!!! If you didnt like the dude fight him and get it over wit!!!!!! Be a man about it !!!!!

  4. lil glenn Says:

    quit crying you win some and you lose some just go’s to show you snitching never gets you anywhere. and street justice is the best justice

  5. edward c. stengel Says:

    Prisoners don’t give up their citizenship just because they go to prison. The laws of the states and federal government apply in and out of prison. Assault and battery and murder are crimes wherever they’re committed. This acceptance of crime in prison is just society’s way of saying it doesn’t care.
    That’s why guys like me love to see authority figues get killed. I don’t care who they are – cops, prison guards, politicians, and in particular judges. Those who can stop it and won’t deserve anything they get.

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