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WTH? Crazy Dude Just Starts Taking S**t In Middle Of Street



11 Responses to “WTH? Crazy Dude Just Starts Taking S**t In Middle Of Street”

  1. Lacey Says:

    N*gga you gay just for taping it. lol

  2. HogHeadCheese Says:

    Whats so funny about doing something that the human body is made to do. Granted he could have used some discretion and I don’t see any toilet paper, but what he’s doing is totally natural and everyone does it. I can see if he was in the middle of the street butt naked picking up cars… Yeah, film and laugh at that, but this is not funny to me.

  3. white boy Says:

    yo these ghandi fucks come to america and s**t in the street. this aint west pakistan bro go use a fuckin public facility damn

  4. Anonymous Says:

    lol dat s**t is wooooow funny WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tiki Says:

    Ok that’s a bit out there but I know he felt the urge to go waaayyy….before he actually had to use the bathroom! He should have been making his way to a bathroom at the gas station, McDonald’s ( I know it was a Micky D’s somewhere in the area) or somewhere! I’m happy it wasn’t any little kids around to see that sh*t! Haha get it?!

  6. KKK Says:

    I bet the guy filming this saw the naked man and thought he was available for a bum, but when he realised he was just taking a s**t and not a h**o he got angry and so in his rage decided to film him doing said act and proceed to upload it. In doing so making himself look like a complete and utter annoying fucking retard.

  7. NaHH Says:

    LMFAO, Funny part was when he picked up his draws & shorts, and just left w/ the beer.LOL

  8. brownz Says:

    @ white boy, ur just a racist ignorrant f**k, that guy is not pakistani, he is black first of all….secondly u just some stupis a*s fool trying tio be black, or maybe ur even trying to be pakistani, u lil b***h, i’ll see ya in the streets u punk b***h

  9. Anonymous Says:

    He should have just shitted at da store where he bought da beer…lol….clearly he had da runz YUK! and couldn’t hold it any longer, look like he had started shiting on himself first, see da wet spot in back of pantz? it could happen to anybody, hopefully it will happen to them niggaz dat think itz so damn funny.

  10. DatBayAreaChicc! Says:

    smokey back here taken a s**t!!!!!

  11. dkritype4u Says:

    WTG…he didn’t have ezekial run and get him some toilet paper? “Hey yawl, Smoky shitting in the bushes!”

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