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Jay-Z Interview On Late Show With David Letterman 11/16/2010



3 Responses to “Jay-Z Interview On Late Show With David Letterman 11/16/2010”

  1. d. Says:

    50 cent needs to be on those shows..but nnaahhh they r too scared of him-even if u can t denied that he builts an empire too-with a book too aand by the way-jay-z is there for his book and he keep asking about drugs and s**t that scare old white womens – that was a kanye today s show s**t.

  2. REDCLOUD Says:

    ol’ sell out hovie with the non confrontational I wear glasses Imma an intellectual nerd look again……LOL

  3. woodside Says:

    this n***a got the dryest personality …best rapper of his time but wtf? he needs a personality coach

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