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LMFAO: How In The Hell Do You Get This Damn Drunk?


this dude doing the shoulder lean

8 Responses to “LMFAO: How In The Hell Do You Get This Damn Drunk?”

  1. jimmy Says:

    thats not drunk, thats keatamine

  2. booboo Says:

    looking for a good time if your got gumboots on

  3. Anonymous Says:

    thats wat happen when u drink four loco

  4. Street Says:

    shouler lean joke not funny.

  5. Asian Says:

    thats wat u call bein in a mothafukin K HOLE

  6. Tiki Says:

    That’s a damn shame, but it took him a minute to fall. He was going strong on the staggering. Gumboots. Hahahaha

  7. SG Says:

    Haha That dude ain’t drunk he on some s**t

  8. meoff jack Says:

    FOUR LOKO s .. lol

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