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October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017

Jay-Z Says Takeover Was 100 Times Better Than Nas’ Ether, Praises Prodigy, Speaks On Big L,Eminem & Biggie


Good interview with Cipher Sounds & Rosenberg

8 Responses to “Jay-Z Says Takeover Was 100 Times Better Than Nas’ Ether, Praises Prodigy, Speaks On Big L,Eminem & Biggie”

  1. Ace Says:

    Personally & this is just my thoughts. I thought ether was a better record. I say that because Nasir Jones went so hard that there was no response that could have ended anyones career besides Jay z. He was coming from place of self entitlement as opposed to where jay z was coming from. What jay was saying was factual however Nas was just going in 100%. The beat didn’t make the song it was what he was saying. And jays song was on his album nas just did that diss for gp.

  2. incognito Says:

    Jay’s talkin out his ugly a*s! “Ether” MURDERED “Takeover” Point blank, PERIOD!!!!!!!!

  3. tymega Says:

    ether eats takeover ethers nams takeover anyone who thinks different is mentally challenged… c’mon son

  4. junior Says:

    F**k this douchebag 2………

  5. doedi Says:

    no time for small s**t. how fast can u fall off.get some money.

  6. Daddio Says:

    this dumm a*s n***a said either beat was somebody please smack tht stupid n***a!! either murder jay & the fcking takeover. Shut the fck wth that retarded s**t u fcking dck ryder!!

  7. Curt Mcgirt Says:

    I don’t agree with this AT ALL. How the F***** can u say Takeover was a better song than Ether !!! They acting like Ether was WACK. Granted, Hot 97 did put Ether up against Super ugly but that was how Jay CHOSE to respond. Also when Takeover (full song) came out Nas answered with a freestyle….BY CHOICE. Nas realized the freestyle wasn’t enough so he decided to put the nail in the coffin by doing a full, thought out song. Jay made the mistake of putting his heavy artillary out first so he didn’t have much left. As far as song for song and freestyle vs freestyle, I think Jay won on the freestyle and Nas still wins on the song for song.

  8. Old School Says:

    lol this guy is the real d**k riding faggot, he is riding jayz d**k so hard, ether was better lyrically, musically takeover was better. Winner=Nas
    Jay stopped beefin after that game over

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