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Racist Lady (Erica Winchester?) Verbally & Physically Assaults Black Mail Carrier Pt 2 of 2

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A viral video emerged in recent days of a woman from Hingham, Massachusetts berating a postal worker in the ugliest and most racist way imaginable. Since the story broke, websites like 4Chan and Reddit among others, have worked overtime, and appear to arrived at a likely suspect in the horrible video (the posting of which seems to have lead to the Postal worker’s dismissal.) If the Internet is right, the woman in question lives in Hingham, Massachusetts, and ironically, operates a consulting service to improve public speaking.

It’s unclear yet how exactly the hivemind has arrived at identifying the individual in question, but the growing suspicion is that the woman in question is Erica Winchester, husband to Randall Winchester from Hingham, Mass. According to New England Film, this individual runs and operates a Hingham-based consulting group called The Speech Company, a company that advises clients on the improving their public speaking. From her site:

10 Responses to “Racist Lady (Erica Winchester?) Verbally & Physically Assaults Black Mail Carrier Pt 2 of 2”

  1. Erbank Says:

    WTF Id of beat her a*s.

  2. bdot18 Says:

    sorry fof mistype thinking to fast

  3. Anonymous Says:

    shut da f**k up bdot!!!…stop actin like a lil biotch!!!…noone wants to hear that righteous s**t u preaching!!!…i would have kicked her in her old white wrinkled a*s!!!

  4. THE TRUTH Says:

    Hey anonymous, YOU ARE A REAL DUMB A*S!!! So many black men are afraid of the truth. Go smoke a blunt and shut the hell up clown. You wouldnt have done a damn thing. You would be another dumb a*s in prison. Its sad that some of us are really turning DUMBER THAN MONKEYS!! Shout out to BDOT for not being a controlled clown like is dumb a*s!! You stupid baboon( sad to say, but thats where its gone)


  5. E Says:

    Look at us disrespecting and turning on oneanother! one person says something, the other one states their opinion and the last one is ashamed to be black and starts with the cussing and disrespecting! Now that’s what you call “The Uncle Tom Syndrome” I guess the Cr*ckers plans are working!

  6. woodside Says:

    smh @THE TRUTH …so its true that blacks are inferior huh? ..its true that blacks have a lower IQ?? ..anyone that believes that is an idiot white or any race ..the white woman in this video is the idiot …the man couldve just driven off and ended it before it all started but he was smart for not reacting the way she wanted him to

  7. petey Says:

    im white and that b***h is stupid. old and mad at how much her life sucks .. f**k that b***h

  8. trey69 Says:

    aint dat some s**t…………i hould of fucked her up…o….. and my iq is high a*s high so high i had to get a drug test thats how high my iq is haha

  9. Anonymous Says:

    lol racism is funny

  10. nationfirst Says:

    Just one thing-how many of you have ever had the sense of mind to record an attack on you? would you record someone abusing you or rather be focussed on what is being said or done so that you can deend yourself or launch a counter attack. This is not happening over the phone or someone standing at a distance hurling stones and abuses-its a close fight, the woman attacking the guy and abusing him while he lets her do that recording it all the while. The recording started even before the whole thing started getting nasty, it seems like he had a prior knowledge of whats would happen before he left for her residence. All I am trying to say look at the other side of the coin-she already had a bad reputation, must have made lots of enemies and this could be a set up. This guy could have gone to the court and shown the video to judges there to strengthen his case against the UPS, he could have gone to the police station and filed charges against the woman, he could have gone to the mringority rights groups but no he had to put this video on youtube endangering this woman’s ife, bringing shame and sorrow upon her. Its the same polite seemingly harmless guy who posted her video and I think the guy who was there taking the blows and the guy who posted the videos don’t match. I personally feel that he intentionally led her into an argument, incensed her all the while recording it. Its like I make you angry and when you start off I record it and post it on the net, how would you feel?

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