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T.I. Ft Chris Brown – Get Back Up (Music Video)


Off T.I.’s Album ‘No Mercy’

4 Responses to “T.I. Ft Chris Brown – Get Back Up (Music Video)”

  1. Tiki Says:

    Yeah when I first heard that song I really liked it, it’s really nice and I like the video too. Ain’t nobody perfect and we allowed to make mistakes, but when we don’t learn from them then that’s a problem.

  2. d. Says:

    the redemption song?? it s a 9.5 cauz it s deja vu-but still a 9.5 on 10

  3. jason Says:

    this is a real as it gets forget punchlines metaphors i love the lyrical simplicity in this song big up TIP….

  4. Bon Says:

    brezzy vocals waz spiritual indeed, TI kept it 100

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