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Barack Obama & Waka Flocka Are Mad You Didn’t Vote (Comedy Cartoon)


these dudes are crazy

10 Responses to “Barack Obama & Waka Flocka Are Mad You Didn’t Vote (Comedy Cartoon)”

  1. Tiki Says:

    LMAO That is hilarious!!

  2. khalif Says:

    this s**t crazy lol

  3. bdot18 Says:

    Black people dont vote cause they cant see past the daily bullshit the our govt. has set up for them. it’s crazy cause they got us hanging ourselves and givin other races a reason to call us that. but what people dont know is that the white race looks at every other race as inferior. but they got us warring with each other while they sit back and just live it up. but a day of reckoning is coming.

    If Only Black People knew what they really were outside of the name the whites gave to us.

  4. Ari Says:

    bdot18 ^ I’m with you. Thats the best thing I’ve heard all day. I’m glad we still have our great minds out there

  5. C.J. Says:

    lol i agree with this message


    f**k obama fucking lying a*s sell out all that s**t just to find out that n***a a house n***a planted there by the zionist jews

  7. boodoo Says:

    lol crazy s**t

  8. im dat n***a Says:

    man dat shyt waz dumb az fuk who eva made dat shyt wastd aw dat tyme wen aw dat tyme kudda went 2 luk 4 a god dam job retardit niggaz damn ppl do dumb shyt

  9. bourgeois n***a Says:

    @im dat n***a: yes you are but, thanks for clearing that up!
    @BOZNIAN OG NIGGUH: I wouldn’t go that far but hey, he’s not the great ‘half-white’ hope we all thought huh?
    @bdot18: If only you knew how hard whites will laugh when they read “other while” knowing you meant ‘all the while.’ Point well made, regardless.


    He’s still “…the HEAD OF THE MUHFUCKIN’ STATE N***A!!!”

  10. miller Says:

    daaaaaaaaamn im tooooooooooo weak right now thats crazy

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