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October 20, 2017


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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017

R.I.P: 11 Year Old Broadway Star Shannon Tavarez Has Died From Leukemia

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Shannon Tavarez, the young Broadway singer who starred in The Lion King, has died after a fight against cancer.

Tavarez, 11, was a soprano from Queens, New York, who played Young Nala in the award-winning play.

The young singer drew the attention of a variety of celebrities, including Alicia Keys, Rihanna and 50 Cent, who hosted a donor drive for Tavarez in August.

Despite 50 Cent’s drive, which signed up a record 4,000 blood donors in two days, doctors were unable to find a bone-marrow match for a transplant.

In late August, Tavarez underwent an operation for an umbilical-cord transplant as an alternative.

“A lot of kids don’t have donors in their families, so they have to look to strangers to be the donor for them,” 50 Cent said during the drive.

Tavarez debuted on Broadway as Young Nala in The Lion King in September of 2009 until she was diagnosed with cancer in April of 2010.

3 Responses to “R.I.P: 11 Year Old Broadway Star Shannon Tavarez Has Died From Leukemia”

  1. Tiki Says:

    Man I hate that there was no match out of the 4,000 people who registered in NYC. That is so sad she was so young. You see kids and look at them and think they have such a long life to live and so far to go but in reality that’s not true for some. It’s sad when a child has to suffer with anything because in my mind they are supposed to be these carefree little people with no worries or cares in the world but just be happy, laugh, smile, run and play and never have to worry about the bad things in life until they grow up and able to deal with the real world. R.I.P Shannon.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    rip shannon

  3. Avinash Says:

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