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Camila Cabello – Crying In The Club

May 20, 2017


Young M.A @YoungMAMusic – Self M.Ade

May 20, 2017


Big Sean – Sacrifices ft. Migos

May 19, 2017

Epic Beatdown! Big Dude Gets His Face Bashed In After Throwing The 1st Punch


Well damn!

10 Responses to “Epic Beatdown! Big Dude Gets His Face Bashed In After Throwing The 1st Punch”

  1. the siduation and moon head and germany and albino/horse lover Says:

    im that little guy that kicks the s**t out of him
    my real name is chris may i live in england come fight if you think you are hard enough ?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    that was kool even though the big guy was probably drunk he asked for it the little dude showed homeboy what time it is

  3. d. Says:

    shiiiiit-gotta be careful with those tight t-shirt beef white dude with innocent face-chuchh

  4. Patriot Says:

    I actually felt bad for the dude…. Here’s the thing… If that bystander didn’t pull ol’ boy off of the big guy… That other dude may have literally killed him or caused serious damage… & the video would then be evidence at trial… Once a guy is down and the threat is gone you gotta stop dude… The “I just lost it” & “he hit me first” defense won’t save you from a lengthy prison sentence… but other than that… Good job I like the take down and ground strikes… Way to stay in the fight after a devestating blow…

  5. MikeDawg Says:

    Honestly a camera crew just happened to be there? This looks well planned but still fake. Even the big guys punch looked gay. It was still entertaining though.

  6. Dutch Says:

    Man this is from an episode of a show called Black Gold that comes on Tru Tv. They always try to clown the smaller dude on the oil rig named Cheston. Guess they not gonna clown him any more.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    thats wut his b***h a*s get

  8. Anonymous Says:

    LMAO!! straight put em 2 SLEEP! snoring & s**t

  9. Anonymous Says:


  10. fv Says:


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