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Rita Ora – Anywhere

October 20, 2017


Belly – Man Listen

October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017

Peep The Next Nicki Minaj, Female Rapper, Nitty Scott MC Freestyling. This Girl Is Sick!


This chick’s got bars

17 Responses to “Peep The Next Nicki Minaj, Female Rapper, Nitty Scott MC Freestyling. This Girl Is Sick!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    woooooo fire right there pure fiya im followin her a*s on twitta

  2. C.J. Says:

    she dope and she beautiful thats the kinda chick i’d like to kick it wit and create music

  3. khalif Says:

    aint no stoping this chick. she is gone rise up quick

  4. Marc Says:

    she got a flo that kinda remind me of joell ortiz

  5. ICEMAN Says:


  6. woodside Says:

    she nice but the sad truth is nobody wants to hear a female spit like this …she wont sell ..unless she changes her image she’ll fade out in the next 3 months ..true

  7. jj Says:

    shes got madd potential i like her

  8. TAVI Says:

    cant wait till you replace nikki


    I dont see the Nicki Minaj comparisions.. totally different lane.. she reminds me of lauryn hill/butterfly.

  10. jondaboss Says:

    she is WHACK and ugli. minaj will get in her a*s plus minaj looks better HAHA

  11. Incognito Says:

    What do you mean the next Nicki Minaj? Nicki is CORNY!!!!! She made it big off her fake a*s, and ALL of Kim’s swag, So Nicki can eat a d**k!

    Hopefully we can get more females like this chick in the game to knock Nicki’s plastic, b***h a*s, and her ABC raps off her pedestal built from children, and gat men.

  12. JARED Says:

    next nicki you crazy she would fuckn murder fake a*s minaj. She reminds me of EVE spitn fire.

  13. d. Says:

    hungry she is-after record deal, commercial she’ ll be-audience bigger-money bigger-now enjoy so.

  14. shay Says:

    sign ha please

  15. That Chickk Says:

    The fact is she is BETTER then nicki will ever be… And wen they call her the next nicki you givinq nicki tooo muchh damn credit… Nitty is that fuckkinqq fire… Finallyy a REAL female rapper and not no moree uhh this fakee a*s barbies.!!

  16. RO'C Says:

    PSH ,dey aint NO comparison.GET the NAME NITTY SCOT

  17. she fine Says:

    Q: What’s the difference between this girl and Hilary Duff?
    A: Not much. They prolly twins.

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