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Nitty Scott M.C. “Monster” Freestyle (Video)


Nitty going in

11 Responses to “Nitty Scott M.C. “Monster” Freestyle (Video)”

  1. Nitty Scott M.C. Says:

    yo shes nice SHE has her on Style with music!!! thats whats up

  2. C.J. Says:

    yeah she nice

  3. Anonymous Says:

    nice nice shes goin in…..

  4. khalif Says:

    she is a fucking lyricist. real talk.

  5. TAVI Says:

    mc lyte 2010 she is dope

  6. MrGMan2010 Says:

    She is nice but that ain’t a freestyle i seen her spit that b4 in another video. Even as a written ryme s**t is still hot tho!!!

  7. MiiZZnAncii Says:

    she’s dope
    she goes hard

  8. Anonymous Says:

    BEAST ……. I may b off a lil bit on this but reminds me of lauren hill im just saying either way tho her flow n lyrics are ridic……..

  9. doedi Says:

    roxanne shante.

  10. real talk Says:

    man she sick fo real just killin it. I like it she ‘s Hot!!!

  11. cece Says:

    she good as hella

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