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“Morning Glory” New Trailer – Starring 50 Cent


“Morning Glory” New Trailer – Starring 50 Cent

5 Responses to ““Morning Glory” New Trailer – Starring 50 Cent”

  1. PudgeBeats Says:

    Mr. Cent lol

  2. Tiki Says:

    That’s what I’m talking about you go boy! You just keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny lol. When do you find time to do everything?! No really? Read /study scripts, run errands, post blogs, write songs, go in the studio, make videos, spend time and play games with Marquise, feed Oprah, take her to the vet, creating products, G-Unity activities,etc., etc.! Shi* I have no excuse for anything! I need to stay on my grind almost 24/7 too (I do need a little rest though) lol. Man definitely keep doing your thing. I’m happy for you with everything and I can’t wait to see that movie too. Wow so amazing! Shi* you are Superman.

  3. junior Says:

    dude da only reason shady sells better than is that his white n african americans ur da minority….i knw u knw this but thats a fact!!!!!!!! U can do way better n there is still a window of opportunity 2 get da rap game back 4rom da white ppl ;—). Look after urself n protect ur soul with all ur might SON. Yeah

  4. shaner Says:


  5. junior Says:

    50 in S.A i still argue with these cats that u out sold kanye-west on ur beef with him on da Curtis album. Pls give me da honest truth coz they dnt believe me n u knw better coz ur da artist n u dnt lie Son! SHANER…..that is da honest truth n there is nothing i n u can do provided ur white B.

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