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Eli Porter Goes In On 50Tyson “He Sucks”



3 Responses to “Eli Porter Goes In On 50Tyson “He Sucks””

  1. Rasy Says:

    Eli Porter & 50Tyson beefin’?! I don’t know who’d win that battle. 50Tyson never lies but Eli Porter is the best mayne, he diiid it!

  2. Twin City Says:

    Couldn’t they just do an audio version? 50 Tyson’s going to Math Hoffa this guy, “Yo mans jump through the window without a fire escape and BTW what the f*ck is that s**t on the side of your face. is it a bump? Is it a tumor that wont go away? Can it talk? Does it talk to you? well what does it say?”

  3. L.F.C Says:

    wat the f**k is on his chin??……looks like he didnt finish his sugar puffs

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