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72 Yr Old Woman Beat Up During Tulsa Store Robbery [Caught On Tape]


The surveillance video from last week’s robbery of a west Tulsa convenience store has been released, showing the harrowing moments for a clerk who was beaten by the suspect.

It happened October 7th at the EZ Mart located on 41st Street near 61st West Avenue. The suspect can be seen running into the store, beating up the 72-year-old clerk and running to the cash register, attempting to break into it.

The suspect then goes back to get the clerk to help him get the cash register opened. Finally, after removing the entire cash drawer, the suspect runs out the door and to his waiting pickup truck.

A short time later, that pickup truck, which was stolen, was found crashed and abandoned. The suspect was nowhere to be seen.

That suspect has not been arrested, but police hope showing his face and what he was wearing that night may help someone who knows something come forward with information.

The clerk suffered a broken nose and cheek bone in the attack.

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  2. Anonymous Says:

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