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BET Cypher: Ice Cube & Sons With Rev Run & Sons


Good Cypher

7 Responses to “BET Cypher: Ice Cube & Sons With Rev Run & Sons”

  1. C.W Says:

    Ice cube; for a man that got his a*s whooped by a mexican talks a lot of tihs. He needs to put out his next song. Got a big mouth and can`t back it up! By Ice Cube, I bet some dudes in the penn would like to get @ him.What that Linkin Park look like?

  2. jmfj Says:

    wht in da fuc is u talkn cuz…i hate u internet sht talkn batches…get tuff go find cube and talk yo sht….wht u knw bout dat pen took 1 hard in da a*s huh fucn faget.

  3. Big E Says:

    man shut the f**k up, so what if a n***a get jumped and take a asswhoopin, s**t happens, and them mexicans in cali are no joke, what would u have done, probably wouldve ran, only a n***a that aint never been in a fight thinks he can beat everybody a*s regardless of the circumstances

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. lilB B***H! Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:


  7. @sloan_amber Says:

    All I know is tht the sons murderd that s**t I can’t say nothing bcz the dads killed it too….I loved this part of the cypher the best…

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