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Victim, Whitney Fox, Who Had Her Face Slammed Into Brick Wall By Rogue Dallas Cop Speaks Out

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DALLAS – The woman who was allegedly assaulted by a Department of Public Safety trooper on the Dallas North Tollway is speaking out about the incident.

Whitney Fox said she first saw video of herself being slammed into a concrete wall on FOX 4 News Tuesday night.

“I couldn’t even recognize my own voice. I don’t want to get upset about it. But, I mean, that was the first time. That was definitely the first time I saw that,” she said.

Fox said DPS Trooper Arturo Perez was handling her very aggressively after telling her she was going to be arrested for DWI and she recalled what happened just before her slammed her into the wall.

“He jerked me, and I said don’t jerk me once. He continued to just pull me and, I mean, it’s painful. It’s just painful being guided by your elbow and your arms all the way up here,” she said.

Fox agreed to a field sobriety test and adamantly denies she was driving while drunk.

Her DWI charge was later dropped

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