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SMFH: Louisiana Cop Tasers Unarmed 28 Year Old Javon “Slim” Rakestrau To Death *Caught On Video Tape*

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The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office releases dash cam video from a deputy patrol vehicle taken the night Javon Rakestrau was tased. The 28 year old Lafayette Parish man died moments later on October 4, 2010.

The video shows Javon with his right hand holding his cell phone, saying he’s calling police. Then he reaches for something with his left hand. He pulls the item from his pocket.

The video also shows Rakestrau yelling at a deputy, then being pushed to the ground. He allegedly tries to break away and run, and at that point an electronic control device is used to subdue him.

The taser is used the entire time he fails to comply with the deputy’s orders to put his hands behind his back. 40 seconds passed before Acadian Ambulance was called to the scene on Marigny Circle in Duson.

No one else in the neighborhood can be seen from the dash cam view.

Witnesses had claimed Rakestrau had his hands up and asked not to be tased.

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office said the suspect was uncooperative, and that’s why he was tased by Deputy Chris Guidry.

They also said he was witnessed by an undercover deputy, doing a drug deal before he was tased. Authorities found drugs on him, after he was subdued

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