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Kanye West Performs “Power” On SNL 10/02/2010


great performance

5 Responses to “Kanye West Performs “Power” On SNL 10/02/2010”

  1. yoooooooooooooo Says:

    first bitchssssssss, shitty detroit stand up

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ur gay for say first loser and this song sucks a*

  3. Willy Tonka Says:

    Anon.. ur gay for saying the song sucks a*s..

    and yoooo its not hard to be first on booboo tv lol

  4. Tiki Says:

    I’m happy that the video was here. That was a good performance. You know he has to PERFORM. It’s good to be doing something that you really love and makes you happy. Kanye did a good job.

  5. Dr.BoomBay Says:

    Yo Kanye you have to love him…Comes side ways on you all time…. POWER from the beat to the lyrics is HOT and…. And he fucked your head up with the bald head white girl and DISSED Amerikkkas Teenage Daughter T Swift…… What What !!!!!! Kanye Keep Fuckin Them In The A*s With No Vasline…You Fuckin BanWagon Jumpers and D**k Riders

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