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New Earth Like Planet Discovered. Could It Save The Human Race?


A newly discovered planet, Gliese 581g, bears a remarkable resemblance to our planet Earth—so much so, in fact, that it could potentially become the first candidate for human colonization in the future!

Gliese 581g orbits a star 20 light years (or 118 trillion miles) away and appears to be equipped with all the necessities required for human survival

6 Responses to “New Earth Like Planet Discovered. Could It Save The Human Race?”

  1. MARZ Says:

    what if as we know it this already happened a dying planet an the people from found earth so they left an know its happening again an what happened to those people that was left behind either died or they r sum of the ufo’s tryin to get there people back or they r stoppin them from coming here an or what if thats there planet just a thought, an come on yall finding this planet now get out of here nasa been knew about it longer than what they r tellin us an if its livable who’s on that planet or r they the was on that planet tryin to get us off of earth its alot of theories this is MARZ AN “im a free will thinka”

  2. L.F.C Says:

    if we were to inhabit that planet we could destoy the evoloution of potential human race by living n breeding there…..ya thought of that,or its already populated n wer not wanted.

  3. Yup I Said it Says:

    Interesting theories…

  4. michael rafael Says:

    It’s goin to happen. Just a matter of knowing when….this is the whole point of NASA..They say that they was lookin for other life in space, but in order for other life to exist, u need a place like earth….and if thiers another planet that inhabits earth creatures, then that helps us from being completely extinct as a species or creatures..If they dont have animals or lets say white tigers, then we’ll load up sum DNA samples of our creatures, and basically plant them on the 2nd earth…Humans r not only look for other planets to save humans, we have the potential to save countless species on earth from being extinct also…This is exciting news…

  5. YOUNG FALOW Says:


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