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Camila Cabello – Crying In The Club

May 20, 2017


Young M.A @YoungMAMusic – Self M.Ade

May 20, 2017


Big Sean – Sacrifices ft. Migos

May 19, 2017

Rapper Drake & Bodyguards Accused Of Assaulting Fan In Florida


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — He is a multi-million dollar selling artist whose songs continue to top the charts. But Thursday night, two people told police that rap-artist, Drake started a fight that sent one of them to the hopsital.

“I don’t even want to hear his songs on the radio.”

Jeremis Soriano’s lip was busted open after he said Drake’s bodyguard punched him. “Before I got to say his name, he hit me in the mouth and I fell back,” he said.

Jeremis started to call Drake names when the rapper pushed his friend away. “He never put his hands on Drake. He never made a fist toward the security guard for them to hit him that hard,” said Soriano’s friend.

And it continued after both of them were escorted out of the club. “Drake went to get on the bus and he flicked me off and said ‘F— You, you are nothing,'” said Soriano’s friend.

“They are just regular people with a little more money than us,” said Soriano.

Jeremis went to Memorial Hospital for treatment and now has six stitches in his mouth. “They are the same people that are buying your C.D.’s. You shouldn’t treat us like that,” he said.

Jeremis says he will press charges and is even seeking legal advice. But he says he doesn’t want much, just enough to pay his medical bills.

Drake was in town last week for a concert. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office was not able to get in touch with Drake Thursday night, but they are investigating.

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  1. finest gurl ever but im not rich Says:

    f**k drank and all da mother fuckers that think there better then the rest of use ppl out n da world… not buying his cds never i’ll just burn it lmao better yet i wont waste my time f**k dat

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