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Dash Cam Footage Shows Cop Shooting Teen Armed With Knife


The Wood County Sheriff’s Department has now released video of a shooting involving a Wisconsin Rapids Police officer.

The raw version of this video shows the suspect being shot. The suspect did survive, however the video may be hard to watch.

This is dash cam video from the August 15th incident.

Officers responded to a report of a man with a knife at Gaynor Avenue and 20th Avenue South.

The video shows the officer telling the teen suspect to drop the knife, before the teen lunged at him.

Officer Rodney Krakow, a 22-year veteran of the force then opened fire.

The teen was sent to the hospital with injuries but survived.

Investigators say the shooting was justified.

6 Responses to “Dash Cam Footage Shows Cop Shooting Teen Armed With Knife”

  1. mike Says:

    looks well fake.

  2. bgsw Says:


  3. fitty Says:

    *suspects motionless body on ground*

    officer: “hands before your back!”

  4. shoot Says:


  5. sam Says:

    haha y dont niggas listen the first time?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Dude’s probly close to death, yelling hands behind your back becomes a little pointless.

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