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Lloyd Banks – Reach Out (Produced By Frank Dukes) (Audio)


Another Blue Friday installment from the PLK

‘HFM2’ in stores November 23

4 Responses to “Lloyd Banks – Reach Out (Produced By Frank Dukes) (Audio)”

  1. SLIME5*****KAPO Says:

    That s**t hard body Banks. Waitin on HFM2 slime. 5outh5ide get busy b.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    this s**t is stupid hard my n***a

  3. shane Says:

    fucking stupid really!!! noboy will bump this s**t..fucking n.y people talk so stupis!!! motherfucker said slime…hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahah

  4. AC Says:

    shane u didnt even still spell stupid right bahaha

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