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October 21, 2017


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October 20, 2017


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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017


Fresh Ft. Nyce Da Future – Light It Up

October 18, 2017

Deadly Lobby Shooting Caught On Tape *VERY GRAPHIC*


this is crazy

63 Responses to “Deadly Lobby Shooting Caught On Tape *VERY GRAPHIC*”

  1. hotman Says:

    fuk man fuken NIGGERSSSS thats all they know wat to do….get a fuken job please but pay backs a b***h i hope they die in front of their kids

  2. Tiredofignorance Says:

    Don’t know him, but much respect… dude had the heart of a champion, he wasn’t going to be taken out easily. And you bit**as* idiots on here who say, “they repect the shooters” I feel sorry for you, and your obvious miserable existence…. If you are that heartless when it comes to watching a person lose their life, yours can’t be worth much… I’d bet you have nothing, therefore you care for nothing. I’ll pray for you.

  3. Relentless Says:

    This man lost his life,and the only thing some of you can say is he deserved it?
    no one knows the real situation that may have started this..however it was wrong that those guys would rob a man of his life

  4. Anonymous Says:

    For the dudes that say they respect the shooters r bitches themselves they only respect them Cuz they don’t have the balls to do it. Them dum niggas just killed a man on camera. That’s not impressive straight stupidity. You can’t find a better way an place to handle Yo business

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Lmao reading comments them intern /twitter thugs need to stop it its already been proven that y’all won’t bust grapes in a fruit fight you fuckin fags

  6. Sadface Says:

    Sad stuff here. Victim needed more training on using his firearm and there were many opportunities for him to possible come out of this. Those two bad guys were not at their first rodeo. They may not have been wonderful shots but they were absolutely stone cold killers in their hearts. Notice how there is not a cop on every corner to protect you, notice how no other people came to rescue. Notice how many people’s lives were endangered. You need to learn to carry a weapon and shoot properly and defend, learn how to not get into those situations in the first place or you are just another sheep waiting for the slaughter. I’d like to read the real story behind this crime. I thought it was in Queens NY? Too many men like this are dying.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    yhu can clearly see dat da 2 bitches are robbing da man.. so much respect2 da victim.. fuc da shooter. get yo own!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Its f**k up dats all i can say

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Purely Sickening. Videos like this give me more reason to follow my Law Enforcement career. After not one, but two people ganging up on someone like that, those two males should be ashamed of that. If you’re not an officer, in the military, or using self defense, you deserve capital punishment for acts such as this. Whether all of those people were criminals or not, that man fighting for his life showed tremendous courage to fight back with those two cowards who to me, looks like they were trying to rob him. Too many of you show complete ignorance in the comments that you posted. This should not be happening in our country; its shameful.

  10. tracy Says:

    LOL all comment from a bunch of in the closet racist and tuff talkin black thugs you all are a bunch of weak a*s bitches…its sad the way dude lost his life but check this out….all scum and Racist should be a*s fucked and GUTTED BURNED BEHEADED

  11. stephen Says:

    All racist shall be as fucked gutted and Beheaded

  12. stephen Says:

    in the New America All racist and America thats protects and keep them from being sent to prison shall be a*s fucked gutted and beheaded

  13. n****r killer 5000 Says:

    Worthless fuckin niggers this is why nobody likes niggers cuz theyre a bunch of pussies beat the s**t out of somebody dnt shoot em thats p***y a*s n****r s**t somebody needs to walk up and shoot every fuckin n****r in the face and the world would be much better fuckin waste of life is all niggers are

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