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Justice: Man (Ron Tebo) Tracks Down Sicko Who Molested Him & His Sister As Kids. Gets Him To Admit It On Camera


A New York Web designer obsessed with finding the person who molested him 40 years ago finally tracked down and confronted his alleged attacker. Then the man admitted to the sexual assaults in a covert videotape that is now on YouTube.

Ron Tebo, 47, says he and one of his three younger sisters were sexually assaulted in 1970 by a teenage neighbor nicknamed “Butch,” who brought a brother along as a lookout. The attack happened inside a 1957 Ford Fairlane parked in the back of Tebo’s home in a small town in rural New York.

Tebo says he was assaulted several other times by Butch but never told his single mother or grandmother. After helping track down a pedophile in California, he decided to aggressively seek out his own attacker in 2007. By then, his mother and grandmother had died and wouldn’t have to endure the pain of that long-ago incident.

The case cannot be prosecuted because the statute of limitations for such a crime has passed

19 Responses to “Justice: Man (Ron Tebo) Tracks Down Sicko Who Molested Him & His Sister As Kids. Gets Him To Admit It On Camera”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i mean the dude was 15 … this can go either way , 1: it was only then he changed and made good .. or 2: he’s still a sick fuk ..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    great job

  3. Oowee Says:

    homie should of shot dat cracker wit a gun instead of a camera

  4. james Says:

    Man the dude stupid way would let a man molested you i remember when i was 5 years old a grown man wanna touch me in the bathroom i ran away like a lil b***h so this n***a just wanna get rape and its always the white people

  5. frank Says:

    You didnt do s**t..what a b***h!

  6. Dr.BoomBay Says:

    After the interview he should have stompthashitoutofhim and turned him into wine

  7. almighty Says:

    oh and im a wigger

  8. Anonymous Says:

    this dude is a b***h. im a white male. if anyone did this to me, not to mention my SISTER. i wouldn’t kill him, but i’d bring a bat and break all his bones. easy. legs arms ribs, smash his d**k. f**k this son of a b***h up

  9. Anonymous Says:

    What’s wrong with you QQ little cry baby he moved on why can’t you? I’ts been 40 years wow…You’re just looking for something to be angry about

  10. Jennifer Says:

    This guy Ron Tebo is harassing the sh*t out of people as a result of his molestation. He has unresolved anger and seriously needs to see a psychiatrist who can help him move past something that happened so very long ago. Now he’s going crazy taking anger out on anyone he can, it’s all over Facebook, the internet etc. He makes grandiose claims that he’s a badass, but he’s a f*cking coward. Molesters often end up abusers themselves or even molesters. Get help Ron, you’re sick.

  11. overit Says:

    Yes Jennifer! Ron is a really sick person! He really needs as much therapy that he can get, and then some! It’s sad what happened to him, 40 yrs ago, but seriously, he is so angry with the world that he is abusing people and children as we speak. I was abused as a child, but I rose above it, and am a very positive person.
    He seriously needs some help! Harassing people is not the answer!

  12. It's me.. Says:

    I SERIOUSLY doubt Ron Tebo’s story and the effect it had on him. I think he is a nobody trying to be a somebody. Just look on the web at all he is into trying to make a name for himself. He hangs on other people’s experiences that have media attention in hopes of getting his name mentioned. How can someone so intent of having the TRUTH reveled about issues make up and write articles that are complete lies about people on his website? If he just stuck to the finding butch crap, I might be a little more of a believer but he’s here there and everywhere like finding butch, scifake, web design, and even a magician. He’s even been known to make up fake profile names to post on certain websites to promote himself. He needs a REAL job like the rest of us MEN! And yes, a lot of help judging on his articles over at scifake, there are as ridicules as him and his hand full of followers. Maybe someone should start investigating him. GET HELP RON!! I feel sorry for his family, those poor kids, my heart go out to them.

  13. lulz Says:

    I wish he’d make his fucking mind up – either keep the glasses on or put the mofos in your pocket!…FFS what a redneck!

  14. Donald Ressler Says:

    I don’t believe there is a statue of limiation on RAPE. Look at what happened to William Kennedy Smith. He fled the country for years. When he came back, he was arrested and thrown in jail. I think Ron Tebo is broke and cant afford an attorney or a private eye.

  15. tebo_h8er_6969 Says:

    he said he would have kicked the dudes a*s… i personally know his sons, they are fucking retarded. Biggest pussies i have ever met, ugly motherfuckers too. Very unfortunate how he was molested. but butch would have raped your a*s, you balding faggot. (i mean rape figuratively not literally, maybe both, i mean he did it once why not do kit again?) sincerely tebo hater 6969

  16. tebo_h8er_6969 Says:

    brenton heinz sent me here…

  17. Teboluver420 Says:

    I think tebo is a straight baller and he should of murked butches a*s

  18. Tebolover369 Says:

    Ron Tebo is my hero. Fck you Brenton Heinz

  19. Get real Says:

    Tebo is a lowlife. He should be thrown in jail as a dead beat dad, he owes a lot of back child support. He has made his kids the victims of what he says happened to him. His boys need a dad not a victim. Grow a pair Ron and man up with your boys, their head is twisted and theu need help.

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