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December 1, 2016


Kanye West Released From Hospital

December 1, 2016

LMAO! Lorenzo The Parrot Arrested For Being Lookout For Columbian Drug Dealers


A parrot ‘working’ for Columbian gangsters has been arrested after police discovered that it had been trained to squawk the words “Run, run, you are going to get caught” if and when the police ever arrived on the scene. Get your ‘life behind bars’ and ‘jail-bird’ jokes ready and waiting please, gentlemen.
The parrot, who is called Lorenzo, didn’t manage to warn his bosses in time to get away with the goods, alas, as the Colombian city of Barranquilla saw an undercover drugs raid of a local cartel successfully carried out, with motorcycles, assault rifles and a large quantity of marijuana being seized by officials. “Run, run, you are going to get caught” has been on Lorenzo’s lips / beak nigh-on constantly now he’s in police custody. Police colonel Freddy Veloza has said: “He spent the whole morning saying that”. Probably because he’s surrounded by all you coppers, we reckon.But what makes this story even stranger is than Lorenzo isn’t the only parrot to be used this way — it’s been reported that over 1700 have been trained to act as look-outs, and during this raid alone, two other birds were captured, alongside 4 drug dealer

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