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Pruane “The Youtube Kid” Speaks On Meeting 50 Cent


Pruane “The Youtube Kid” speaks on meeting 50 Cent at the G-unit Offices. He talks about all the events leading up to the video.

4 Responses to “Pruane “The Youtube Kid” Speaks On Meeting 50 Cent”

  1. C.J. Says:

    he cool, i like him way more than 50 tyson lol

  2. Anonymous Says:
    Real HipHop in tha FLESH!!!

  3. L.F.C Says:

    ha needs to lose those train track teeth at least he shaved his bumfluff muzzy!

  4. Tiki Says:

    I would love to meet you too Mr. Curtis 50 Cent Jackson! You are an amazing person and I want some of that amazingness and intelligent knowledge to rub off on me (haha). I’m laughing but you got the midas touch! I want to be schooled by one of the best. I want to learn and know what you know about things and business. You are Superman. How can anybody hate on someone who has achieved so much success at a young age and just still going strong! That shi* is just wonderful!

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