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Dad Goes Ham On School Bus, Threatens To Kill Kids & Beat Up Driver After His Daughter Is Bullied

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A central Florida man angry that his daughter had been the victims of school bullies turned bully himself, caught on surveillance cameras when he boarded a Seminole Countyschool bus and started screaming at the children to leave his kid alone. His rant bought him a trip to jail.

James Jones ordered the kids aboard the bus to sit down, and after asking his daughter to identify the kids who had been bothering her, threatened to kill a child who “fought her”.

The whole incident was caught on tape by the security cameras on the bus. The driver is shown allowing Jones on the bus, and doing nothing as he makes his threats.

Jones told deputies a student threw an open condom in his daughter’s hair and kids were laughing at her. Video later obtained by CBS affiliate WKMG showed a student picking up what appeared to be a condom from the aisle of the bus, and dropping on Jones’ daughter’s hair. The bus erupted into laughter as the girl tried to get the condom out of her hair

Jones later said he could not accept his daughter being disrespected by every child on the bus.

Officials say he crossed the line between concern for his daughter and the rights of the kids not to be threatened.

Thursday, Jones was charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing a school function, and briefly jailed. He was released on bond from Seminole County Jail later in the day

9 Responses to “Dad Goes Ham On School Bus, Threatens To Kill Kids & Beat Up Driver After His Daughter Is Bullied”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    no that little boy the good guy?i think that man did the right thing.that mother need to stop crying and teach that little n***a a lesson

  2. damane Says:

    what about the little boy? the stupid a*s mother doesn’t even care about what her son has been doing. The father shouldn’t have done it like that but still the little boys that were picking on her need to be taught a lesson too.

  3. Sheila Says:

    This man was %100 right and %100 within his rights to protect his daughter.

    Obviously, school bus drivers allow this to happen. Schools allow this to happen. If the bus is supposed to be so respected that a father cannot step on it to tell these kids to stop, then why can children be bullied on it?

    The parents of the children he directed his anger at should have not told reporters how pissed they were, but should have told reporters they are doing something about their own kid’s behavior. No one wants to believe that their kid is doing the bullying.

    Obviously, this kid is a bully ‘cus his mommy lets him get away with this crap.

  4. Yup I Said it Says:

    I would’ve handled it the same way, I’m sorry.

  5. bus driver from Va. Says:

    As a school bus driver..the driver should not have opened the door to allow the parent on the bus. In the video, you can see the driver on the cb radio. I would have radioed dipatch to send police. In terms of the issue of bullying on the bus, many parents don’t relize that bus drivers can only REPORT the bullying, but the school is the ONLY one who can reprimand or resolve bullying on a school bus. Bus drivers cannot even assign permantent seats, This must be done thru the school. When a bus drvier reports bullying or any other issue on a bus, we fill out forms and turn them into the appropriate school. The school then calls the students down to investigate the issue. Sometimes, bus drivers have no idea what results are reached or how the issue was resolved. This is totally dependent on the school staff to handle. Please know that most bus drivers would not allow harm to come to any of the children they carry on their bus and try very hard to handle bullying immediately.

  6. michael rafael Says:

    @bus driver from va..this is such liberal bs…u say that “bus drivers would not allow harm to any children,” but wtf does fillin out forms do? not a damn thing!!yours and da schools resolution is to fill out forms if u feel like it? thats bs…if parents and schools entrust u with our childs safety fo a fraction of a time, then we shld entrust u to make disciplinary actions and rules on buses…I dont mean i wnt u to beat da lil kids a$$es, i mean havin them sit up in front of the bus wit u, and havin u speak to thier parents about it!! damn, u mafukcers get paid good enuff anyways, why not try goin above and beyond and try earnin that government paychck…ma fukcers!!

  7. bus driver from Va. Says:

    @ Michael Fafael..Trust me , bus drivers would LOVE to make disiplinary actions on the bus! WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO EVEN CALL STUDENTS BY THEIR FIRST NAMES!!! This would cause a student to “lose face” and humiliate them. You can call it liberal bs…but the truth is..the first time a bus driver “makes disiplinary actions” against YOUR child, you’d be the first to sue! It starts with YOU PARENTS AT HOME! Don’t make bus drivers out to be bad…are hands are tied! We get paid crap. Not enought to deal with idiots like you and your stupid kids that have no home training! Take responsibility for your parenting or LACK OF!!!

  8. PO'd mom Says:

    My 10 and 5 year old are being tormented on the bus. They are being called gay because they sit together. Seriously, brother sitting together makes them gay. One kid threw an open soda pop can at them and the bus driver rewarded the kid who threw it by “telling the truth”. I went directly to the school today and talked to the counselor and we will see what happens. I can understand this father’s frustration. My 10 year old had a high school girl calling him names to the point he was crying and they were taking video and pictures of it. Has the world become so cold that it’s entertaining to torment children? I’d take them off the bus if I could but I work 7-7 at my job.

  9. concerned Says:

    My daughter was told by her bus driver that if she didnt hush she was going to bring a sock and put it in her mouth. Im very upset she is only in the first grade. I think she was out of line saying what she said. My daughter said it wasnt even her talking it was someone beside her but she called her name and spoke directly to her.

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