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Uncooked Beef: Dipset Disses Kanye West Over His “Runaway” Beat “Kanye You A Sucka N*gga”


Diplomats vs The Roc Round 2

10 Responses to “Uncooked Beef: Dipset Disses Kanye West Over His “Runaway” Beat “Kanye You A Sucka N*gga””

  1. King Says:

    s**t is hard NYC stand up

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Cam I thought u was done wit Dipset!?!?!?! Kill ya self man, u talk 2 much. I can’t believe nothin that comes out cha mouth!!!!! I hope Kanye & Jigga respond, but they aint, they gettin 2much $$$$$

  3. C.J. Says:

    Hmm this the best I heard cam rap in a minute but I don’t like the kanye diss

  4. michael rafael Says:

    Cam makes NYC wanna sit down and nodd thier head in disgrace

  5. GG Says:

    niccaz do anything to generate a buzz. cam u aint sht

  6. Since when do uptown niggaz bang? We hustle. Its what we do N***a. Says:

    these two clowns only act tuff when he has an album coming out. sit down n***a we dont believe you.

    jim jones stop swagger jackin Max B. ya niggaz are washed up. ya talking about banging and selling drugs? Where you do that at? you runnin circles in your own imagination. TAKE YOUR MEDICATIONS AND SHUT THE F**K UP. Bipolar a*s n***a.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    these fuckin rappers talk all this tuff s**t like they still standing on the corner hustling , but everybody knows they soft as baby s**t , they move to jersey to be safe from the hood and only show there jewls when they with 100 n***a’s at a video shoot . these n***a’s are athelete’s cause they know how to run real fast when s**t pop off (lol)

  8. OL A*S N***A Says:


  9. Shy Says:

    Come on Cam & Jim… I fukz wit ya’ll on the music… but spit sum real s**t & leave the dissin’ to the new dudes, who just wanna come up in the game…. If ur still loyal to Dame…. get on ur music game & put him back on the map… don’t get mad, get even…

  10. Killa Ward Chi-Town 079 Says:

    Cam and Jim are right Kanye ain’t s**t, His own City don’t f**k with him… I went 2 School with GLC and I Know Kanye. The n***a took other N***a beats 2 get on and ran from the Chi when n***a was after him. GLC used 2 work @ the Lark on 95 and western. N***a fake, GDN , The Folks from Killa Ward 079….. 79 and Ashland………

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