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Police Watch Brawl In The Streets & Do Nothing

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In stead of breaking up a fight they stand there and watch.

4 Responses to “Police Watch Brawl In The Streets & Do Nothing”

  1. Tiki Says:

    Hell naw no those cops didn’t just stand there and watch that fight like they were in steet clothes. They were chillin out! I guess they would have ran too if those guys pulled out guns! Haha mall cops. Crazy! Naw they were probably thinking let them fools beat each other up they crazy enough to fight in the streets we will let them. It’s still crazy.

  2. pie Says:


  3. C.J. Says:

    thats how it needs to be as long as it’s just fighting and not killin each other no guns or weapons let em do the damn thing lol

  4. hahaha Says:

    Monkey got served! bottom right corner.. “let me go…” “get off me” hahahahahahaha what happend bro? its one on one not 20 vs 1 like your used too…. Cant do s**t without your homeys!

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