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Beautiful Reporter Ines Sainz Speaks On Sexual Harassment By The New York Jets


Ines speaks on brewing firestorm over whether or not New York Jets players sexually harassed her

5 Responses to “Beautiful Reporter Ines Sainz Speaks On Sexual Harassment By The New York Jets”

  1. E Says:

    Another example of b*tches thinking they can say, do and wear whatever they want and nobodies suppose to say nothing about it! SMDH

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Personally I’ve seen better!! If a normal chick wears what shes wearing while reporting, of course shes gonna draw attention. She keeps saying this is my style, and we understand. C’MON GIRL, what your wearing in the locker room full of men is not professional. Switch it up. It seems to me like you want the ATTENTION!!! Whats with these ATTENTION WH#RES these days in time???

  3. michael rafael Says:

    Even the CBS eye cant focus away from dat azz!! What is she doin interviewing american football players who speak english when she cant even speak english? Come on now, looks like tv azteca was providing them w/a appetizer!

  4. Shy Says:

    U guys r funny as shyt… I knw U get all hot & bothered when P@ssy steps in the place….U need to kool it down & whack off on Ur own time… If she’s such a W***e… none if this won’t matter to her… Her choice of style is what it is & if these millionaire D*ck Heads still can’t control themselves when they see a lady step in the room….then they such be called out… Where is the professionalism in dez players??? I knw they all must have mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins,wives or daughters…. U thirsty azz n*ggas

  5. NInjaNoise Says:

    c’mon why is she doing this

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