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Gay Hipsters Fighting In LA – Hilarious Video!!


they were fighting over who wore it better

filmed outside of a club called rhondas at el cid in los angeles (silverlake) around 4am

7 Responses to “Gay Hipsters Fighting In LA – Hilarious Video!!”

  1. VanDaManPersie Says:


  2. MAJESTIC Says:

    HE HE HE EHE :))))))) THÄ°S A FUN GAY.

  3. Dr Bomb Bay Says:

    L.A. is off the hook…. Hey Fif take this stuff off the site.

  4. MisTri Says:

    I like how the one guy is trying to break up the fight, but is at the same time trying not to drop his food LOL

  5. khalif Says:

    these some fucking faggots

  6. the siduation and moon head and germany and albino/horse lover Says:

    yo what up man
    gay dudes are wack they like dicks and stuff
    chris may is h**o, he fgoes to felpham community college in england please come a**e rape him if you gay. thanks faggots

  7. maine Says:

    lmaoooo Yo at 0:21 cops drove pass and didnt even stop. I dont blame him lmao

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