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Fighting at the wedding


The photographers and cameramen are fighting at a wedding in Ulyanovsk

3 Responses to “Fighting at the wedding”

  1. C.J. Says:

    lol damn fools, fuckin up they cameras like that

  2. MichaelTrajjikk Says:

    Check out Loso’s diss track to souljaboy…that s**t funny as hell www reverbnation com/michaeltrajjikk

  3. Tiki Says:

    WTF! Man if that madness happened at my wedding damn, I would really hate to have to get real ugly on such abeautiful day but it would be on! The the cameraman/photographers fighting at my wedding and they are suppose to be taking pictures and filming or whatever! They done lost their minds! Whatever they were beefin about wasn’t as important as what they should have been focused on! They not gettin paid for that! And they ran off! One chasing the other one! Oh Snap! I have seen it all!

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