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Shots Fired!! DMX Says Plies Is One Of The Worst Rappers Out


Dark Man X aint feeling Plies song “Bruh Bruh”

6 Responses to “Shots Fired!! DMX Says Plies Is One Of The Worst Rappers Out”

  1. xrendellx Says:

    Come on X???
    Dude need to put that music out, allthis talk wit out Music is waste of time… Besides how he goin in on Piles, X the biggest crackhead in the game…I mean i fucks wit him but be real… Piles a kiddie rapper… X kno better, if u goin spack on sushit, speak on that fake a*s WILLIAM RObeRTs

  2. DJTWISTA Says:


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  4. Paranoidone Says:

    Why is theese new york niggaz alwayz hattin damm n***a thats how we talk if you don’t like f**k you

  5. Tiki Says:

    DMX kills me when he talks. I’m sorry but he talks like he be on something. He be on 100 when he be talking! That be so hilarious to me. I gotta try and catch up with his speech or listen very, very carefully so I can understand him. It be so funny to me. LOL

  6. HAHA Says:

    he saying that like we didnt know that already

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