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All Top Wonderful Wendy (Real or Fake?)


GOTDAMN! I just fell in love with Wendy

Maybe love made me blind, so I’ve got to ask Real or Fake?

9 Responses to “All Top Wonderful Wendy (Real or Fake?)”

  1. lexy Says:

    learn the game

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Fake a*s hell You can see the scars on her chest plate. But I would still…….

  3. ji2ga Says:

    only women care if other womens breast are fake… men dont give a s**t……

  4. Mureithi Says:

    Only retards are bothered by a woman having normal or small boobs.
    Its silly in this day and age that grown A*S women take ideas ment for entertainment and assume that this is really wot men likes. Personally am not turned on by over inflated BOOBS.

  5. RAY Says:


  6. stjackso17. Says:

    Why the top of her breat look burned? Take her breast and Montana Fishburne’s a*s and you get one fucked up woman!!!

  7. da real Says:

    all titties n no a*s but she can get it

  8. Sanchez Says:

    They’re huge fo’real….. Those are even bigger than Ricky Ross boobyzzzz!!!! Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dumbonmb Says:

    FAKE but i don’t care still f**k

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