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Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017

“69 Me” Young Sam (ft. Marvel Inc)


Young Sam & Marvel Inc in their video for 69 Me

8 Responses to ““69 Me” Young Sam (ft. Marvel Inc)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wow….. in the beggining when i heard it i was thinking man, this is about to be a great song. then the beat switched up and this turned out to be one of the most garbage songs i have ever heard…. how disapointing!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    this s**t BANG STOP H8N YOUNG SAM keep doing yo thing

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This look like wiz lil bro. or something

  4. Thomas Says:

    its sad to see these young dudes getting used by big brands and lobyists to push certain brands, styles, lifestyles and trends.

    track could have been fucking awesome with a real rapper with real content…

    f**k the s*x/gay agenda

  5. Anonymous Says:

    young sam is the best his rymhes will beat anyone

  6. young5starboy99 Says:

    my top 3 fav songs this number 2

  7. LadyJerk . Says:

    Young Sam, I lovee youu !

  8. kid batman Says:

    cool s**t

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