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White Girl Wednesdays On The Webcam With “Kyra”


The body is definitely tight on this one, and you can only imagine what else is… but the booty may be lacking.

So what does she get from you? Is she a 10 a Dime, or not even a 1 or a good luck penny?

8 Responses to “White Girl Wednesdays On The Webcam With “Kyra””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    She can get it! I give her a” 8″…….

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i give her about a 7 1/2

  3. blaq Says:

    typical white girl…no rhythm whatsoever…..wheres the white girls with the phat asses

  4. O Says:

    What Beat is That?? Anyone Know??

  5. ji2ga Says:

    t.i. — what u know

  6. Anonymous Says:

    T.I. – What you know??? WRONG! It sounds like some UGK or Eightball MJG type of s**t. The grey gets a 8.

  7. junior Says:

    U african americans dnt have a sense of style/class…dress code thats what i mean and u gonna give this bird a 7 1/2 or an 8. Ur out of ur minds she is a 10/10 everything is perfect not 2 big nd nt too skinny. 1

  8. x-man Says:

    i would love to make this bird sing… giving my Rock to a robbin… she is a 10+… as for rhythm… I will show her how to groove.. hours and hours of Fun!!!!!

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