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“Catfish” (Movie Trailer)


Movie trailer for the social media based thriller “Catfish”

3 Responses to ““Catfish” (Movie Trailer)”

  1. Tiki Says:

    I don’t know but it may be worth seeing at the show. It seems like it’s a bit scary. Plus I don’t know if it will make the cut to bootleg. Ha ha I know that’s wrong. It was just a thought that crossed my mind for a minute.

  2. Sally Ann Says:

    See it at a show Tiki, I plan on doing the same! I don’t know if it’s going to be scary but I can’t WAIT to find out about the twist ending. This kind of thing CAN and DOES happen…. so BE CAREFUL –

  3. Sally Ann Says:

    Tiki you HAVE to watch this movie!!!!! I saw it the other day and it’s great! It totally speaks to my generation of Internet and social networking users. I live in Toronto and have been checking out some TIFF events and so many people are buzzing about Catfish and it’s not even part of the festival! Crazy! I hope you go see it because it’s a good movie.

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