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September 15, 2014


Adrian Peterson Reinstated By The Vikings

September 15, 2014

Randy Couture Vs James Toney [Full Fight]


Randy Couture Vs James Toney settle the ongoining boxing vs mma debate at UFC 118

52 Responses to “Randy Couture Vs James Toney [Full Fight]”

  1. L.F.C Says:

    this was a total mismatch , toney was never gunna beat couture,get back in the boxing ring lad!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i mean to start off i give him credit for tryna n even steppin in the ring …. now to my real comment HAHAHAHAHA told u muther fuckers boxing aint mma son ,,, mma fighter will beat the shyt outta boxer anyday, stick my d**k in ur ear cuz fuk wut u heard ……

  3. Zercaty Says:

    damn not even a contest, tony never had a change, only 9 months of training, never had a chance >.<
    i like the s**t talking now i bet he feels like s**t XD

  4. Roton10,000 Says:

    Couture beat the s**t out of Toney. Toney is 5’9 and237lbs. Get the f**k outta here. Couture was in great shape and deserves that blackbelt. 10,000…

  5. ji2ga Says:

    boxers cant compete with mma fighters
    mma fighters cant compete in the boxing ring with boxers

  6. joe Says:

    white boy when to the ground like a sissy, tony way past his prime fat out of shape, fighting on the ground is a f*g sport, thats why they dont make the money boxers make, boring a*s hel

  7. Mr. Tatted Up Says:

    Fkn wack! This was no contest at all. I respect Couture. But he knew he would get knocked out if he stood toe 2 toe wit toney. That’s why he went for the take down. Trash a*s Fight!!!

  8. JayWill Says:

    Put Couture in a boxing ring with JT and see what happens. Couture wouldn’t make it through round 1. This s**t is apples and oranges. JT shouldn’t have took this fight. He probably got a nice check for it tho. f**k it.

  9. zbenz Says:

    u mother fuckers sayin its trash on the ground
    u dont know MMA
    ur a fucking meathead
    its a MMA fight, of coarse randy was gonna go for the take down
    to stand with james toney adn trade shots, woulda been a stupid idea on randys part.
    but thats the whole thing. its a MMA fight
    ju jitsu and wrestling is half of MMA
    and thats how it Goes down alot of the time.. if ur a true mma fight
    u respect and and enjoy the ground game.

  10. FightfanNJ Says:

    zbenz needs to go jump off a roof comin from somebody who boxes and wrestles this s**t was wack as hell Randy couldve at least tried to fight him on his feet to make the fight more interesting. And who was Toney’s ground coach because he did a p**s poor job it looked like he didnt train for the ground-n-pound at all

  11. Ryan Says:

    Wow, just like I thought. Randy beats him, and people still can not accept it. And to all these dumb idiots I see that are saying the ground is for pussies, you are stupid fools and would get your s**t split in real life.

  12. Mike Says:

    As much as I love MMA and many of the UFC fighters, and as awesome and expected the outcome of this match was…I would like to see an MMA fighter train for a pro boxing match against a champion fighter.

    Roy Jones Jr. vs Randy C. would be nice to see. Sure Randy would win the MMA fight…but would Roy Jones really lose the Boxing match? Not so sure about that.

    My point is the sports are different. Even though MMA includes elements of boxing…I have never seen the boxing chops/maneuvers of say a Roy Jones boxing match in any UFC fight…sorry. To equate the boxing in UFC to Pro Boxing is a flawed notion.

    Both fighters are great athletes and would dominate in their own sport if faced against each other.

  13. pie Says:

    man mma is the best fck boxing

  14. Wil Says:

    Joe, your one of those stupid a*s, come from half brother and sister, i put your punk a*s on the ground, and make you cry like a girl……. white boy or not, and im black, JT, is second class trash, and now every boxer knows, to keep they a*s out of a mans sport!

  15. Yuman is an idiot Says:

    an MMA fighter against a Boxer in a MMA fight will obviously be dominated by the former…

    now, Randy Couture should return the favor the fight James Toney in a boxing ring…

    What you say Randy?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    now randy needs to get in the boxing ring and we all no that toney wud kill randy all boxing

  17. AKA Says:

    James Toney fought the greatest all time MMA Heavyweight wrestler/grappler in MMA history. and Toney lasted 3 + minutes on the bottom. and just before this fight Toney learned that his pay check would be taken from him. if I was Toney, I would not have even fought. He’s been tryin to get a good pay day for along time, he had to come to UFC to get it. & they taken that away b4 the fight!, you think that was a focused and on point James Toney, why would he even fight if they goin take his check.

  18. Jay Says:

    MMA fighters are better at MMA and Boxers are better at Boxing, end of story.

  19. Joe B. Says:

    This is kind of sad… Whoever would of thought “lights out” had a chance is retarded… If it was a boxing match I could understand… Like what Jay said he is right. Oh, and other Joe your straight up a f*g who’s a*s would be beaten so quick by anybody.

  20. Dan Says:

    This is a fake fight for publicity and James Toney is in it for money! Toney Didn’t even strike with a light jab and Couture could’ve have finished him way earlier but he didn’t nstead he used fake submissions and light strikes on the ground! Fucking Fake FIGHT!!!!!! $$$$$$ back UFC!!! UFC needs Fedor now!!!!!!!!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    tht was just th boxer in an mma ring if culture put th boxing gloves on he would of got blitzd p.s toney really needs to learn how to death role lol

  22. Matt Says:

    All you fucks talking s**t about Couture, try to recall in your little thick ghetto-a*s heads, Toney was the one talkin all the s**t about MMA, and said he would choke Randy out. Also MMA is the closest thing to legal street fighting with gloves and training. We all know boxing is not Randy’s strong point so basically it was Toney’s strong suit against Couture’s strong suit and Toney couldn’t close the fuckin deal. If it was a hand to hand street fight Toney would still have gotten his a*s handed to him, END OF STORY!!!

  23. Alex Says:

    And to add to what matt was saying if Toney would of fought a mma fighter with a striking base (true muay thai, tkd, boxing etc.) and toney would use the same tactics he used in the boxing ring, more specifically blitzing and head movement he would of gotten caught with kicks and been picked apart from a distance or the fighter would of used kicks to create openings for punches. Which is why a pure boxer cant compete in mma, just like a pure wrestler cant compete in mma, or any pure style for that matter. We all saw koshcheck on ultimate fighter show if he pulled that lay and pray s**t in Dream or a different organization he would of lost the fight for not being able to stay active……. but anyway plain and simple if your too narrow minded and stubborn to adapt your fighting style to compete with different styles ur not a fighter… ur just an athelete competing in a sport…. which what many people think boxing is anyway due to the holes they leave in their style…. u cant compare the two…… mma is a marriage of all fighting styles lets not for get MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts….. a boxer fighting an mma fighter is like bringing a stick to a gun fight….. and i guarantee you… that guy with that gun is gonna have alot more options than the poor dude with a stick end of story// and btw matt no need to talk about where people are from…. i take offense to that ghetto comment O_O

  24. Jahbs Says:

    yeah you know cuz boxing kills mma… this fight proved it you think in the streets there would be a referee to break them up and go no stand toe to toe each time toney got dropped on his fat a*s grow up meatheads MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. its sad how boxers need help to have a timeout to just stand up cuz they got dropped on their asses stop being so narrowminded and ignorant and learn to appreciate pure skill toney was bested you think the streets would of made a difference? he would of still got his a*s kicked GAME OVER no boxer will stand in an mma ring to ko an opponent

  25. BlakeyBoo Says:

    This is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. This is a disgrace to MMA. This is not a fight. For one thing, this is Toney’s MMA debut. How many people make their MMA debut in the UFC. None. Because the competition in the UFC is supposed to be the best in the world. Not the fucking leftovers from the boxing world. I don’t every want to see a boxer in the octagon again. And I don’t want to see a mixed martial artist in the ring. Dana White needs to be shot. I say, have an actual martial artist run the UFC. The UFC is slowly turning to s**t.

  26. VAM Says:

    I like how at the end James said “my ground game is aight” in the interview with Joe. LOL. You notice Randy use the boxers own major weapon against him? Choked with your own boxing arm….

    Maybe the fans would have respected James more had he not talked all that shiet about MMA.

  27. Pro Says:

    All you retards who talk crap about ground fighting would change your minds as soon as you would fight a real wrestler or person skilled in jujutsu. You speak out of ignorance and idealism.

  28. Alkaiser Says:

    Textbook a*s whooping. UFC needs to invite more boxers so they can embarrass them. Hopefully James Toney suffered a concussion or lost some brain cells, boxing is cool, but he needs to respect MMA.

  29. dan Says:

    mma is real fighting, boxing isn’t, so all you boxing fans can just stfu.

  30. seraph Says:

    So putting an out of shape has been against Couture is supposed to prove MMA:s superiority? :D Please. MMA is balls in the face, boxing is real toe to toe fighting.

  31. royjonesjrjr Says:

    haha toney cant even box anymore whats he doing in the cage. did it for the pay day guys. u cant do mma vs boxing because boxers are disadvantaged in the cage just like mma fighters are disadvantaged in the ring. believe it or not, mma and boxing are two completely different sports. watch both, they’re both bad a*s. i watch football and baseball, lean more towards football but hey its all good.

  32. royjonesjrjr Says:

    and please stop saying randy would get killed by toney in the ring because im the biggest boxing fan out there and even i know that toney would get killed. toney in the 90’s would destroy when he was about 100 pounds lighter, literally, but toney is over weight and out of shape and cant box let alone breath anymore. id take him out and im not even pro yet. tiger woods wife would take out toney if they threw on the gloves lol.

  33. JJ Says:

    You guys that say MMA fighters are better than boxers don’t know s**t. Put Coutoure in a boxing ring and it’s a 1st round KO for Toney.

    It’s Apples and Oranges.

    I like both sports. Relax MMA weirdo’s, you’re worse than Pactards.

  34. michael Says:

    yeah apples being as close as it gets to a real fight and oranges being just using your hands. in a real fight mma guys will almost always win against a boxer. its hard to be a great fighter if your just focused on one aspect. thats why mma guys will probably not make it to the top in boxing cause they cant waste all that time with just one aspect of fighting. you do see pro boxers in mma that are pretty decent but all in all a boxer with the same years of experience cant touch an mma guy in a real fight with no rules.

  35. charles Says:

    forget mma boxing can’t even beat muay thai kick boxing! hahaha

  36. BuBloy Says:

    boxers cant compete with mma fighters
    mma fighters cant compete in the boxing ring with boxers

  37. Ryan Says:

    Who gives a crap who would win a boxing match, this proves that in a real fight, a MMA fighter would tear a boxer apart.

  38. Raza Says:

    It was Toney who was saying that MMA is garbage, not the other way around, OK? Couture wasn’t saying boxing sucks, so he’s got no reason to enter the ring. Toney was the guy challenging the sport, and he got what he deserved. Honestly, it seems like Couture was using him to practice his Jujitsu, because he could have easily ground&pounded him like he always does, and messed his face up good.

    And anyone who’s been in a streetfight knows that if you get knocked down, you never let the guy mount you or it’s finished. DUH!

  39. Me Says:

    Wow, found this fight kind of late but oh well. All of you boxing fans sorry to burst your bubbles but I have to critque a comment that some to you”have made in the defence of boxing which at the same time disrespects MMA. These comments can be synthosized as, boxing is real man to man fighting; MMA is faggy wussy stuff. In short if you want to go by the viewpoint that standing and duking it out is more manly then muay thai or kick boxing should come way before boxing in sports that are more manly. And, if one compares MMA or muay thai to boxing, boxing can hardly be seen as a “fighting” sport anymore.

  40. akh Says:

    this is complete bull s**t

  41. FrenkieEscobar Says:

    James Tony talked a lot of trash talk before entering the Octagon.. Dana White was crap and the whole ufc was crap…
    Now you see what crap it was, mr Toney.. I rather saw Tony get smashed instead go the submission..
    maybe he respects the UFC now..

  42. Anonymous Says:

    MMA nad boxing cant be compared and btw a boxer is allowed to use all of his skills in an mma ring on the other hand mmartist can use only 10-20% of his in the boxing ring .,

  43. o certo Says:

    eu acho q o amarelo é amarelo e azul é azul !!!

  44. tillo Says:

    luta mais chata que ja vi

  45. edi Says:

    this is not sport , this is crime , and who likes is animal.

  46. Luis Says:

    Toney looks like a lil b***h he went straight to d ground fuckin pussyhole and still talks trash idiot. Randy almost wit 50 still in good shape

  47. Anonymous Says:

    funny how some people say ground fights are for fags, did you just see what happened to that champion boxer they’ve been calling? hahaha eat a d**k dumb a*s

  48. TxH Says:

    you fucking morons. the bet wasnt randy to box him, that black asshole said he could step into the OCTAGON. thats right, he said HE’D FIGHT MMA. retard a*s morons, you know damn well randy can throw down and that fat f**k was getting beat either way. all i see is pussies crying “oh thats why he took him down”. thats MMA cocksuckers and tony had a chance to train it. eat that d**k.

  49. lol Says:

    Lol at all the weak pos’s complaining it went to the ground what street fight have you seen stays standup 24/7 and not go to ground and pound. too many narrow minded rednecks in here complaining that boxing got destroyed whether it stays in a ring or on the streets boxing loses and toney would of died if there was no ref from that choke to stop couture. Couture came back out of retirement for this fight also LOL!!!

  50. don't be delusional Says:

    “mma goes to the ground thats why they make more money”

    that’s the most naive thing i have ever heard. Boxing has been around since 600BC, of course more people will know about it, hence making it CURRENTLY more popular. UFC is the worlds most fastest growing sport at the moment, meaning that, statistically speaking, it should overtake boxing very soon – not necessarily meaning that it will.

    of course he is not going to try and box an 11 titled boxing champion in a UFC ring. just like a street fight doesnt restrict you to just hands, he took him down and put him in a position that he knew nothing about. He then got beaten to a pulp for the next 3 minutes, not even making the first round.

    couture would lose in a boxing fight
    but any other fight, e.g. this, he will always win unless toney gets further training. Then its for his own potential to decide

  51. Chris Says:

    LOL i can beat tony in a fight and im only a yellow belt. MMas fighters dominate boxers, its science. Boxing is a sport, not a fight.

  52. Marcus Says:

    Well said Chris. Totally sums it up! Boxing is a sport
    MMA is a fight

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