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Caught On Camera: Shooting Caught On Tape In Queens


Cameras are everywhere these days, don’t try anything out there without a mask, or being willing to pay.

6 Responses to “Caught On Camera: Shooting Caught On Tape In Queens”

  1. Mure Says:

    This is a lazy and cowardly way of killing someone.
    Do som work n***a.
    a beat down is better.

    Only cowards run like chickens.

  2. ace Says:

    damn, newports are 11.50 a pack?

  3. To Mure Says:

    My Manz shut the f#$k UP! n***a you stand on a corner and wait for the police to come while you beat someone to death stupid b*****d! you must be writting from the county jail…….

  4. bald heded gangsta Says:

    das dat n***a rico wow

  5. F**k you all Says:

    Them niggas is soft.. One n***a couldnt pull the trigger????? And they running back and fourth shooting, my n***a role up, shoot, bounce. Thats how niggas get caught…

  6. this s**t stupid Says:

    idk the reason they assassinated this guy but honestly i would say an asswhopin would be more devastating considering the n***a is around to learn his lesson about pissing you off…. unless you cant fight… then u should just get a change in lifestyle

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