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You Won’t See This In A Ruff Ryders’ Video

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At least I’m hoping you won’t. As crazy and somewhat cool as these are, just like a unicycle aint nobody gonna take you seriously rolling up on them on one of these…

3 Responses to “You Won’t See This In A Ruff Ryders’ Video”

  1. marwin Says:

    Really i do not need this commercial stuff on every video thjat i click. I mean if i watch 10 videos its 3 minuts on fucking garbage JEEEZ

  2. 23kid Says:

    watch this to start your day very h**o`ish min. 25 ov my life gone (good thing I had Nip$ey Hu$$le ~ Just Another Day playin) no audio from this waq vid”
    Jetlife GANGgang AllMoenyIn_NoMoneyOut

  3. L.F.C Says:

    looks slow …..

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