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The Next 48 Hours With Rick Ross [Part 2 of 3]


Part 2 of 3 of  The Next 48 Hours with Rick Ross

9 Responses to “The Next 48 Hours With Rick Ross [Part 2 of 3]”

  1. ttasi86 Says:

    Carol City Cops in the building!!! :\ SMH @DJ “Faggot” Khaled, the only thing magical about Officer Ricky’s album is that he managed to mislead all these stupid people as a C.O. talking fake gangster s**t. No real person cosigns this fat joke.

  2. C.J. Says:

    50 sure shows Rick Ross and Diddy a lot of love on his sites lol

  3. Mr. Tatted Up Says:

    The dude is a fraud! Wit them ugly a*s bitches in the clip! There was not one good lookin chick in that b***h.

  4. ricksucks Says:

    LOL he needs like a fat chair
    ppl jus goin to see him cuz he “famous” ,not cuz they like him n support him
    rick ross is such a big fat FAIL

  5. RickRoss Says:

    see all the haters be hatin but you see where that s**t will get you!!! no where

  6. RickRoss Says:

    i noticed something most of the people that be hatin on rick ross they be white

    people thats a shame i thought racisom was over lol

  7. Malone Says:

    Mais ce n est pas booba a 2.26?

  8. keepitreal Says:

    download the s**t… stop making them richer… they wont care there already rich

  9. q8ii Says:

    OFFICIER Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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