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Mike Tyson’s Knockout: Top 10 One & They Were Done TKO’s


Mike Tyson if not the greatest to ever do it was the most brutal, check out his top 10 one punch knockouts…

4 Responses to “Mike Tyson’s Knockout: Top 10 One & They Were Done TKO’s”

  1. boobootvsucks Says:

    wont be useing this site anymore till the adds are removed from the clips

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yo rob e rob…get yo s**t together

  3. C.J. Says:

    one of the greatest, just imagine his career without robin givens and the prison stint, if he kept his head on str8 he coulda been the greatest of all time, in his time period during his early 20’s he was, I was a lil boy watching all the fights he was a superhero in my eyes

  4. rockhead Says:

    no body fucking wit mike… hardest hitting dude in da game

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