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Kat Stacks Exposes Soulja Boy – Films Her & Soulja Boy In His Hotel Room & Uncovers His Nose Candy Stash


Kat Stacks films her and Soulja Boy in his hotel room and uncovers his nose candy stash

81 Responses to “Kat Stacks Exposes Soulja Boy – Films Her & Soulja Boy In His Hotel Room & Uncovers His Nose Candy Stash”

  1. who eva Says:

    who the f*ck is this white b!tch throwin that n!gga word around like that? if anything he should”ve straightened that b!tch bout that 1st quater!!!!

  2. Boricua2130 Says:

    F**k That B***h Kat Stacks! 1st off she’s a HOE! 2nd she thinks she slick cuz shes hang wit some rappers here and there. The b***h can’t even talk right! Her voice is annoyin’..only reason ANY n***a would even fucks wit her is cuz they want that Chuckie of hers, other then that F**K HER! She straight up threw that n***a up under a bus puttin his business on front street like that! FAKE AZZ HOE AZZ SNITCH B***H!

  3. Disrespect Says:

    lmfaooo this b***h is one fucked up mutha fuckin ho, like b***h get a life fuckin a whole lotta celebs to pay for your child!! shame on your broke a*s! GET A JOB!

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. Derrock Says:

    why would anyone want to f**k her, shes even uglier than Nicki Minaj

  6. RON_KEN Says:


  7. natalia Says:

    both these guys r stupid him for messin sum a dumb trailer trash how who has been known to f**k around and mess s**t up for pple and she stupid cos we all kno he aint the only one on that nose candy s**t smh at kids these days

  8. ms.smith Says:

    keep ur head up soulja boy. I still like u!!! NOW U NO WHO UR FRIENDS R!!!!!!!!

  9. teikiepunch Says:

    u fucked up Boy, why why why this is the same hoe that said she fucked Bow Wow in the a*s and that he is gay u niggas have all this money and all you all can find to f**k trashy a*s BITCHES!!!! some niggas whooped her a*s for Bow Wow and some females had whooped her a*s for fucking with there man its time this B***h need to come up missing…………………FO’REAL

  10. reebok_2050 Says:

    there conversation is about nothing

  11. night rider Says:

    that coke s not real just like him.

  12. JPeel Says:

    First of all, she’s not white she’s hispanic. Secondly, a black doing coke? No surprise here.

  13. The Fixer Says:

    Whats Going On Everyone. Soulja Boy trying to be like Tony Montana from Scarface lol. He’s trying to show that he got the money, the power and the woman. But If that’s a Certified fact because he got some a*s from Kat Stacks he must be weiner cousins with all of the rappers she supposedly screwed. Of course your a great rapper you did a colabo with Justin Bieber LOL! This bs artist has wasted talent from day one next to The New Boyz and a few other so called Greatest Rappers i.e. LIL Wayne LOL. The problem with people today is they don’t respect a damn thing. They straight up bs when an opportunity an average joe would kill for to get money and fame. If he didn’t do coke go for a drug test to prove it and sue the b***h. Then you need to get tested for a VD and aids because you damn sure aren’t getting tested for a High IQ with the raps you write to make money.

    Kat Stacks probably trying to get her own TV Show with her dumb a*s basicly bending over and taking it up the a*s from anyone who is a Quote Unquote “Rapper”. Sorry It’s been done already by Karrine (Superhead) Steffans. I got a name for Kat Stacks and her book should be called “2nd Rate P***y and 1st Place Loser” Her nickname should be Kat (Litterbox) Stacks because she’s full of s**t as well personality and her whole dna. Everyone in life has had there party days and there struggle but the majority of people I know moved on. Then you got this chick, Lindsey Lohan, Kardashians, Hiltons etc. People who either had money to begin with or just got lucky with a fluke like ” Litterbox” I don’t give a damn she says she’s spanish but looks white as a ghost.

    Here’s Kat “Litterbox” Stacks Bloodline Percentage”
    51.0% White, 39.0% Stupid B***h, 9.09% Herpies Up The A*s, and 0.01% Spanish
    It should be 100% for everything except the spanish part.

    Honestly Both Of Them Suck Balls! Literaly!
    And if they do coke that’s how they get the discount.

  14. Alexus Says:

    welll all dis bih tryin to do is get famous….and how she talk aint koolz cause if sh tryin to talk like she black…she sound like a fool…plus dis bih is ugly …looked like sumbody fucked up her face…..she aint gone get no respect frm nobody while she fuckin everybody……he probably couldnt get hard …cause how lose and sloppy her KAt was lolz…. stupid bitches dese day….

  15. Wiz Says:

    this mother fucker is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this n***a should be banned from hip hop

  16. jen Says:

    wow this chick is a straight snitch. & how do we know that aint her coke… i bet she told dude needed coke, & he copped it for the hoe. & if shes dont care about none of these dude why is she beggin like a dog for him to not leave.. shes a triflin hoe. PLEASE SOMEONE SLAP THIS B***H!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    She is UGLY as F**K! Im serious! Why do these niggaz keep fuckin with her? I need one of you RAP niggaz to explain this to me. I refuse! Ive seen the b***h around and almost off’d myself!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    well i think all you dum a*s rapper need to stop fucking with that girl yah know what shes about but yah still fucks with her.., so yah shouldnt be blaming her yah should be blaming yah self., its good that she puts yah on blast that what happen when yah trying to show off to some one that trying to get her fame on., it sucks to be you hahahahahah

  19. goon 205 Says:

    this is a set up hoe… lets just see who this skinny hoe set up next……plus they dumb for fucking with her and no what kind of hoe she is……plus soulja boy sucks anyway

  20. Ozeto 'Daz' Munir Says:

    she lie.

  21. Scotian Says:

    you need to learn how to speak…….you sound so dumb ……Fake a*s…..your a shady a*s b***h……all you know thats s**t is your…tryin to pin it other people…..

  22. Big Chapzo Says:

    u are a fuckin white a*s p***y in the dirt white b***h
    go get a double penetration from a goat and a dog
    u crack in a*s f**k b***h

  23. Anonymous Says:

    damn son crzy bitches

  24. 60to64 Says:

    Anytime somebody let a white b***h use the word n***a loosely in they presence how I look at it they on some sucka s**t.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    wow she put that n***a on blast and thanks to booboo tv we get to see that she talkin mad shyt but up there sucking the n***a off typical female lol a soulja boy tell ya bitches stop talkin so god dam much exposing a playa she in violation homie

  26. Kiia Says:

    I d.a hate dhis Biicth if i ever see i will f**k her upppp like hearing to much of thiss biicth like your 15 minss is up like damnn biicth will do anthing to be famouss

  27. RangerBoy Says:

    If you didnt see my face…..
    and u didnt touch me……
    Then it shole wasnt me……..
    Got a bad case of mistaken identiy .
    Soulja boy tell em’ , thats what u tell em…

  28. wtf Says:

    this kat stacks is a fucking hussy a*s b***h. she only got 5 minutes of fame. she think she can just go around and sleep wit niqqas and leaking their private info. man…. s**t. she can go f**k herself to sleep…

  29. la belle Says:

    wow soulja boy

  30. la belle Says:

    ooooh my godness i cant belive it !!!!!!!!!

  31. cassndra Says:

    she is ugly

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