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“Feelin Like Pac” Philthy Rich (feat. 2-Pac and E-40)

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New video for Philthy Rich’s track “Feelin Like Pac” featuring 2-Pac and E-40

3 Responses to ““Feelin Like Pac” Philthy Rich (feat. 2-Pac and E-40)”

  1. MARZ Says:

    fail try again y call it feelin like 2-pac when u talkin sheep bs no knowledge u u just talkin about what u an booboo a ray ray do who cares about who can b the hardest person standing outside at the corner. nothing positive came from u what so ever just that ol’ LYNCH/SHEEP/THUG= im black u black who cares bs. HIP HOP IS DEAD dummies pledge›› HATER SNITCH STOP SNITCHIN HATE SUM MORE GOT TO STILL HIS SHYNE F*CK THAT N*GGGA REAL TALK NO H**O TIGHT JEANS PLASTIC PLATINUM JEWELRY ETC

  2. C.J. Says:

    the pac quotes were the best thing about the song

  3. Hip Hop Hardest Beats Says:

    What you know about hip hop music?

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