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Birdman Shows Off His 1.5 Million Dollar Watch


Birdman shows off his new 1.5 million dollar watch

7 Responses to “Birdman Shows Off His 1.5 Million Dollar Watch”

  1. michael Says:

    Yea, f**k u Birdman!! Go ahead and let mafucka’s in N.O suffer while u spend 1.5mill on a p.o.s watch that you’ll probably lose in a niteclub, u fuckin c**k sucker!! and how da f**k u afford dis s**t when Wayne barely made 5mill last your? thats gots to b mo then half of your salary? Must b da bonus u made from Drake…hopefully Drake will wiseup and ditch yo a*s fo sum real producers like Dre, Timbaland or Swizz…yo’s a b***h, Juve and Mannie dont even like yo b***h a*s!! Waynes got yo back cause u mafuckas b french kissin in public, fuckin faggot!!…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    the watch is crazy but 1.5mil ? help some people in the new orlens build a house or take cafe of them broke young money dudes drake and nick look like they got a little doe but the rest ??

  3. Anonymous Says:

    N***a spending money he dont have he probably spending as he gets it.. he dont save s**t.

  4. Tiki Says:

    Nice watch but that’s a nice big house, a couple of cars and I guess you can add a vacation up in there money! Oh well!

  5. nucci rayo Says:

    yea dats a hell of a nice watch wattt!! wit all dem diamonds.. but yo u can even tell da time on it man..1.5 mil damm. its a couple thangs he coulda done.. yep new orleans is 1 of dem..

  6. Lamborghini Dee-Dee Says:

    That watch is Dutch Sauce… I’d take a mini-mansion, LP640 Roadster & I life time full of Bitchez of the watchanyday… I’d settle wit my bentley Bretling….. Shout out to them Millionaire Mag Boyz in Hartford Ct.

  7. icecold4eva Says:

    d look on d white dude’s face says it all.He’s like even wit d size of dis ninja’s head,he still gonna blive me just cause i said only 2 of dem wr made….smdh

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