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Russell Simmons Supports Building Of WTC Mosque


What do you think? You agree with Russell? Should the mosque still be built where it has been planned to?

He makes some pretty strong points, but I’ll let you decide…

5 Responses to “Russell Simmons Supports Building Of WTC Mosque”

  1. hahaha Says:

    f**k those sand nigs too… they blow your buildings up and you wanna build a terror center for them? THATS MESSED! should just go arab killing till they get the f out of your country.

  2. !!! Says:

    Ignorant, Narrow minded Muther Fuker!!!! @hahahaa

  3. michael Says:

    Theirs such a thing of taste, and building a mosque near grond zero is tastless…I support freedom of religion, but that goes for all religions…I dont c why everyone has an opinion about this, when Obama and Mr.Simmons didnt say s**t about christians who where forced to leave the steps of the supreme court for having a silent prayer session for congress to make wise decisions….S**t, christians are not even allowed to have prayer in public schools…But muslims have private rooms for thier prayer sessions? How is this fair? Maybe cause we know muslims wont take no s**t!!

  4. okk Says:

    russell need to build it in his fucking gay asshole

  5. rizzo Says:

    yo not all muslims r bad i get it but to build that near the wtc is fucking dusgusting and wont happen i gurantee it if it does someone gonna burrn it down watch everyone know the taliban where islams and that they were doing Allah’s work

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