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“What Is It” Lil Shun Hendrix (ft. Lil Twist) (WARNING 18 & Under Only…)


Lil Shun Hendrix & Lil Twist in their video for What Is It

If you’re over 18 and you watched this video you’ve been reported to the authorities

6 Responses to ““What Is It” Lil Shun Hendrix (ft. Lil Twist) (WARNING 18 & Under Only…)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    fuckin bullshit!

  2. mde Says:

    this s**t lame as f**k….lil twista a fuckin bum

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ugh lil shun is garbage .! Lil twist verse made the song.!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    omq i am likee so in love with this sonq.. All the people above me are BUMs how you gone hatee cause these (teen age) kids are making moree money then you.. go suckk a yanq and eat somee cakee (:

  5. anonymous Says:

    shun 4 get yur haters cuz yur only 11 an u doiin it big at a yung age n lil twist aint a bum u juz a hater u cant hlp dhat yur a bum n lame as eva so dnt hate n nobdy elses swagg i mean get a life instead ov haten on them dis song iz gud all haters go on sum where dnt listen 2 dah song if it iz so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)but i dnt lyke dhat ladie n dah video she iz old n he in elementary i mean dhats juz rape

  6. george tazewell Says:

    i love your music but iam not gay ok i con rap and sing to one day iam going to be like you

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